where we are

We spent the last 4 months of 2020 road tripping around the US, first in our trusty Toyota RAV4 and then in our beloved van, Wilda.

In this map we include cities and parks we’ve visited, and places we’ve stayed for the night (which is why there are some small towns you’ve never hear of – we probably camped there).

    We started off 2021 by heading south to escape winter. We left our van parked in a pile of snow at Emily’s parents house, flew to Costa Rica, and started the third leg of our road trip. Our next ride, a small and not-so-mighty Toyota Yaris we named Chica Blanca, carried us around Costa Rica for 2.5 months.

    From Costa Rica we flew to Colombia to meet up with out friends Chris and Elizabeth. We spent the next three months traveling Central and South America.

    At the end of June we flew back to the US and moved back into Wilda. We spent the rest of summer road tripping around the northeast to visit friends and family and explore.

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