East Bound and Up

Continuing with our recap and wind-down of 2020, by mid-December we made it back to the east coast. After a few long travel days we spent an afternoon catching up on errands (showering at Planet Fitness, groceries, etc.) in Brunswick on the southern end of the Georgia coast. We found a free parking spot inContinue reading “East Bound and Up”

Sippin’ Whiskey

Before leaving Nashville we decided to stop at Corsair, a local distillery (thanks for the recommendation Mark). We were able to safely enjoy a tasting of a variety of their products including vodka, gin, and whiskey. We left with a souvenir of their Triple Smoke Whiskey, with plans to bring several new spirits home toContinue reading “Sippin’ Whiskey”

Grand Tetons (Wyoming)

On Monday morning we took advantage of our Airbnb in Idaho Falls and slept in, before making the drive to Grand Teton National Park. It was a great basement apartment and included a friendly outdoor doggo. He was nice. We stopped to grab some breakfast at a highly-rated place we found online called Mitchell’s, whichContinue reading “Grand Tetons (Wyoming)”

Yellowstone (Wyoming)

We headed west out of North Dakota and made for Yellowstone, arguably one of the most famous National Parks (and the oldest). Our route took us through Montana where we stopped for one night and camped along the Yellowstone River. The highlight of that evening was a bald eagle perched on the tree overhanging ourContinue reading “Yellowstone (Wyoming)”

South Dakota

Driving through South Dakota featured a lot of long, straight highways, fields, cows, and (on the plus side) mostly 80 mph speed limits. This area is also known as the badlands, and according to Google the official definition is “extensive tracts of heavily eroded, uncultivable land with little vegetation”, which we can attest is accurate.Continue reading “South Dakota”