Welcome to the Jungle

Our van from Baños picked us up from our hostel around 7 pm and took several hours to get to our destination in the jungle, Puyo Pongo. Technically, according to our hostel host, Puyo Pongo is secondary rainforest (compared to primary forest which is defined as untouched, and unaffected by humans), but it was prettyContinue reading “Welcome to the Jungle”

Donde esta el Baños?

Following our trip to Riobamba we grabbed another early bus and headed to Baños de Agua Santa (Baños for short), an awesome town surrounded by mountains, volcanoes, and waterfalls, with lots to do as far as adventure sports go. All four of us were absolutely wiped from mountain biking so we checked into our hostelContinue reading “Donde esta el Baños?”

Say “Si!” to Alausi!

After leaving Cuenca we hopped onto a local bus for a four hour trip through the Andes mountains. Though the bus was pretty crowded and the roads were very, very windy, it was still a nice scenic drive. We gained elevation quickly and ended up literally driving through the clouds which made it hard toContinue reading “Say “Si!” to Alausi!”

La Costa de Ecuador

We didn’t plan on leaving Colombia so soon, but as has become the norm this year, our plans changed last minute again. With negative Covid tests in hand we flew to Guayaquil, the largest city in Ecuador, and spent a few days exploring the city and figuring out our rough plan for the next month.Continue reading “La Costa de Ecuador”