East Bound and Up

Continuing with our recap and wind-down of 2020, by mid-December we made it back to the east coast. After a few long travel days we spent an afternoon catching up on errands (showering at Planet Fitness, groceries, etc.) in Brunswick on the southern end of the Georgia coast. We found a free parking spot inContinue reading “East Bound and Up”

South Dakota

Driving through South Dakota featured a lot of long, straight highways, fields, cows, and (on the plus side) mostly 80 mph speed limits. This area is also known as the badlands, and according to Google the official definition is “extensive tracts of heavily eroded, uncultivable land with little vegetation”, which we can attest is accurate.Continue reading “South Dakota”

Big 10 Country – Part 3

Wisconsin Wrapping up our time in the Upper Peninsula, it was time to head south. From the time we crossed the border to Wisconsin to the time we left, it did not stop raining. Before we left Michigan we stopped for a pasty, which we heard is a UP staple. A pasty is like aContinue reading “Big 10 Country – Part 3”