Huacahina and Nazca

To say our taxi ride south was an adventure would be to do our driver a disservice; it was terrifying. Crammed into the car with our bags on our laps, he bobbed and weaved and squeezed through the tiniest of gaps in traffic, including a few passing lane games of chicken that we could have…


Our second overnight bus of the trip arrived in Lima at around 5 am. Fortunately we had been in Lima recently so we headed to back to the hostel we previously stayed at to kill some time before our next bus. We were able to get into the hostel (*walked in confidently like we still…


Overnight bus rides; where to begin? Peru is a huge country, and since flying everywhere wasn’t an option on our budget, busing between cities became the most efficient and cost effective way of getting around. Rather than spending an entire day on a bus, taking a 10+ hour overnight bus gave us more days to…

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